When Will The Goji Berry Be Fully Recognized By Modern Science?

Goji Berry juice possesses some amazing medicinal and therapeutic qualities that should not go unnoticed by the medical community in the United States. Nevertheless, in spite of significant amounts of anecdotal evidence that suggests that Goji juice has unique medicinal qualities the pharmaceutical industry does not have any formal scientific studies underway. Many users provide sterling testimonies to the effectiveness of this elixir, but the scientific community seems to be ignoring it. Why?It clearly appears to be fact that the goji berry, which grows in Tibet and several provinces of China, has been used by Chinese physicians for over a thousand years and the berry itself contains a wide variety of amino acids, B vitamins and a number of antioxidants contained in multivitamins that are recommended for good health and preventive medicinal purposes. What is different about the goji berry is that the mix of these healthy ingredients is different from that which is commonly available.Perhaps goji juice is similar to acupuncture which had been practiced in China for centuries and ignored by the western world. Only recently has acupuncture been recognized by the west as possessing healing qualities that have benefited tens of thousands of patients.One can only hope that the medical and pharmaceutical industries will recognize the quantity of evidence that seems to be building and take the actions necessary to conduct scientific studies to ascertain the entire spectrum of benefits that can be attained by drinking goji juice. Until that time only a small group of the knowledgeable will have the opportunity to take advantage of what nature has provided.